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The rapidly aging population and urbanization trends have triggered an increase in the global incidence of cancer.
MDimune Inc. was established to provide hope to cancer patients by improving the way cancer drugs are delivered.
To achieve this goal successfully, we are researching and developing novel DDS (Drug Delivery Systems) that are
at the forefront of immunology and nano-technology.

A recent trend in the industry towards safer oncology drug delivery underscores the importance of nanocarrier-based drug
targeting strategies that can be used to improve the selective delivery of drugs to the site of action. In particular, our DDS
technology, which enables drugs to be delivered only to cancerous tissues to the exclusion of normal, healthy tissue,
represents a breakthrough in the field. MDimune's Bionanosome platform, which safely delivers cytotoxic, anti-cancer
drugs based on human immunocyte derived exosome-mimetic nanovesicles, is the most
advanced drug delivery platform in its class.

MDimune Inc. will strive to change the world by improving cancer treatment with
a clear vision and passion. We sincerely hope that you will follow MDimune's
continued growth by visiting our website. Through your continued interest
and encouragement, we are confident that our goals will be met and
that patients world-wide will benefit from our discoveries.

Thank you.