Core Technology

At MDimune, we are passionate about changing the world by developing innovative therapeutics.

  • Large-scale production of
    therapeutic vesicles
    from cells
    using direct extrusion methoda

    Exosomes are nanosized vesicles naturally released from various types of cells, including immune cells and stem cells. Exosomes have garnered broad attention as a next-generation drug delivery system with their roles in various intercellular communications. However, a minuscule quantity of exosomes has been a drawback for commercialization.

    MDimune Inc. developed the BioDrone® Technology for producing cell-derived vesicles (CDVs, exosome mimetics) in a large quantity from various cell sources by extrusion method. MDimune Inc. is currently optimizing this innovative platform technology to tackle various human diseases.

  • Targeted drug delivery platform
    that minimizes side effects and
    maximizes efficacy

    As drone delivery will likely transform courier services by providing speedy and accurate package delivery, the human cell-derived vesicle(CDV)-based drug delivery platform, BioDrone® Technology, will enable highly targeted drug delivery to specific lesions by utilizing immune cell- and stem cell-derived vesicles loaded with drugs. The innovative target-specific delivery by BioDrone® Technology will minimize side effects and maximize the efficacy of drugs by using minimal doses.

  • Stem cell-derived vesicles as
    innovative therapeutics for
    treating incurable diseases

    By combining the regenerative potential of stem cells with proven efficacies of various drugs loaded in the vesicles, these novel therapeutics based on stem cell-derived vesicles will provide synergistic effects for treating incurable diseases.

  • BioDrone® Technology utilizes
    cells from diverse human
    tissues and transformed cells

    Versatility is one of the compelling advantages of our direct extrusion technology. By utilizing various types of human cells from different organs as well as cells transformed to harbor specific traits, we can produce vesicles delivering drugs to desired targets. MDimune Inc. is currently collaborating with pharmaceutical companies who are interested in applications of the BioDrone® Technology in various unmet medical needs.

  • Cell-Derived Vesicles (CDVs)
    vs Exosomes

    CDVs are a next-generation drug development platform technology. CDVs are similar to exosomes in size, properties, and functions but exhibit substantial advantages through large-scale production and versatility of using various cell types.


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